The tale of ookidoo starts with us: two new moms with a problem. We love creatively designed, useful but still beautiful products of top quality, but we were consistently disappointed with our ability to find such things for our kids. It just became clearer and clearer that finding books and toys for our kids and decoration for their rooms was going to be nearly impossible in this market.

Eventually it occurred to us that, hey, maybe we’re not alone! So we decided to start a project for creative, stylish kids, and their parents. We’ve compiled a selection of beautiful things from the four corners of the earth. Here you’ll find only things we think are beautiful, which we truly love, and would buy for our own kids.

The criteria for goods to make it on to our site are very simple. We are uncompromising regarding quality and esthetics. It is essential that our products are beautiful and at the same time practical and produced from top quality material with respect for people and the environment. In short, things we can all be proud of.


We started this project by going to trade shows and talking with architects, designers and manufacturers. With the help of friends and colleagues, and a lot of hard work, eventually we made this thing happen.

You are looking at the result of our work and our passion. We’re confident it will bring you at least as much happiness as it has brought us. We hope you’ll come back again and again, and that our blogs, articles, products, and ideas will bring you – and your children – joy and inspiration.


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