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Ahead of her time. During her training at the legendary Bauhaus in 1924, Alma Siedhoff-Buscher designed this building game, as part of the children’s room in the model house “Am Horn” in Weimar. It was produced in different versions afterwards in the Bauhaus workshops. Naef has been producing this historic item as a replica since 1977.

Every era brings about developments, with influential and lasting new impulses. At the beginning of the last century, a motor responsible for further development was the artistic pedagogical programme of the legendary Bauhaus movement. The philosophy of the interconnection between artistic, technical manufacturing and social dimensions counts as a fundamental turning point influencing industrial design of the twentieth century. In cooperation with the Bauhaus archive in Berlin, Naef Play Objects Ltd. produces these objects according to the original designs as an authorized manufacturer. Product information: 27 x 6,5 x4 cm, 22 pcs. Design: Alma-Siedhoff Büscher

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